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Greetings Wiltshire woodburning stove enthusiasts! You might think that summer is an odd time to be talking about woodburning stoves but this is Britain we are talking about and the weather can be rather fickle. If the cricket season is under way and Wimbledon is just around the corner, that means the heavens are sure to open and that means it will be time to put away the mower and attend to a few jobs inside.

If you have recently had a woodburning stove installed you will no doubt have loved the sight of the flames through the glass door – that is until the door became all sooted up. Most good quality stoves will have a very effective airwash system designed to ensure an efficient burn and that means the least amount of sooty deposits on the glass door, but over time the glass on all stove doors becomes dirty and needs to be cleaned.

Clean the glass on your woodburning stove door with nothing but newspaper and ash

As we live in an age where there is a cleaning product “specifically designed” for virtually every kind of dirt you can imagine, you may be tempted to start searching for a woodburning stove glass door cleaner or something like that. But I have good news for you. Very good news, in fact. The truth is you can clean the glass on your stove door using nothing but wet newspaper and a bit of ash from the bottom of the stove. All you need to do is get a couple of sheets of newspaper, scrunch them up and wet them under the tap. Take one of the pieces of newspaper and dip into the ash from the stove and wipe it over the glass on the inside of the stove door. At this point you should see the brown deposits beginning to shift. Once your piece of newspaper is so black you can’t use it anymore, take the clean piece of wet newspaper and use it to wipe over the glass. At this point you can either repeat the process if some but not all of the dirt has been removed or, if the glass is clean, simply wipe it over with a piece of kitchen towel to remove any smears.

And that’s it. A nice, clean piece of glass on your woodburning stove. It takes about 3 minutes to do, costs you absolutely nothing and leaves the glass lovely and clean, ready for the day when the evenings start to feel chilly once again.